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REGULAR FIT Raynaud's Gloves - Men's

REGULAR FIT Raynaud's Gloves - Men's
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Prolotex™ Raynaud's REGULAR FIT  - Men's Gloves are used for treating Raynaud's Syndrome, Cold Hands & Peripheral Neuropathy.

Raynaud's (sometimes spelled Reynaud's) gloves use special Far Infrared bio-ceramic fabric that emits Far Infrared Energy (FIR)

By wearing these nanotech fabric gloves on a regular basis you can reduce Raynaud's attacks and actually heal your hands.

4 Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Available in 5 sizes. Measure Here 

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  • We do have 2nds available in this model
  • Seconds just have some stitching flaws at the seams - other wise untouched.
  • Seconds are discounted to $24.95/ pair
  • NO refunds or exchanges on seconds.
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