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Raynaud's Gloves

Studies show that Far Infrared therapy is very helpful in treating the Raynaud's Phenomenon. Prolotex Full Finger Gloves are made with a special Bio-Ceramic impregnated fabric that emits Far-Infrared Rays. Wear them at night and/or during the day to help reverse your Raynaud's condition.

For best results you will want to wear Prolotex Gloves as often as possible.


FULL FINGERTIP Raynauds Gloves
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REGULAR FIT Ladies Raynaud's Gloves - NEW
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Wrist Support Glove
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Raynaud's Non-Slip Grippy Gloves - New Improved

CLASSY FIT Raynaud's Gloves

REGULAR FIT Raynaud's Gloves - Men's

Raynaud's Wrista Gloves

OPEN FINGER Raynauds Gloves
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IMPRESSIVE FIT Raynaud's Gloves