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 Learn About Raynaud's 


Raynaud's Treatment


By wearing Prolotex Gloves on a Regular Basis you can reduce the numbness, tingling and the frequency of  "Raynaud's Attacks"

Grippy Gloves for Driving

The Grippy Gloves Raynaud's Driving Gloves'


NEW VERSION Ladies Regular Fit Raynauds Gloves

The LADIES REGULAR full finger gloves


Suggested Treatments for Raynaud’s Syndrome

Having Raynaud's is so frustrating. Just opening the fridge or working in an air conditioned office can set off the annoying hyper reaction.

Here is a list of Suggested Treatments:

  • We suggest you make every effort you can to keep your hands warm and become aware of situations and environments that may trigger a Raynaud's attack.

  • Try to avoid situations that may send your emotions in to turmoil.

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend using hand held tools that have intense vibrations. The vibrations can trigger blood vessel spasms.

  • Many physicians will prescribe medications that dilate the blood vessels so that the fingertips will still have oxygenated blood flowing to them. While this may help improve the circulation, you could become reliant on the prescriptions without actually healing the cells and tissues.

  • We recommend wearing Prolotex Far Infrared Gloves to help reduce the frequency of hyper-reactive attacks.
    1. Wear Full or Open Fingetip Far Infrared Gloves during the day
    2. Wear Full Far Infrared Gloves at night when resting & sleeping
    3. Wear Full Finger Grippy Gloves for Driving
    4. Wear Full Finger Touchie Tip Gloves for text messageing & using your phone or hand held touchie screen device

There was a medical study completed in Toronto Canada in 2002, on the effects of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to help stimulate blood flow in the tiny little capillaries in your hands. The two year blind study showed significant improvement in circulation to the extremities for those individuals that had use Far Infrared Therapy Gloves.

The FIR energy emitted from Prolotex&trade Far Infrared Gloves and Socks promotes circulation to the affected areas and helps to rejuvenate the cells and tissues damaged by repeated Raynaud's attacks.

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Mobile Friendly Far Infrared Prolotex Gloves for Men & Women Ladies Scarlett Regular Fit Gloves for Raynaud's NEW  SUPREMA FIT Far Infrared Gloves


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