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Emailed Testimonial

Raynauds Gloves help when nothing else did


Hand Written Testimonial

My Testimonial

I do not have Raynauld's Disease, but I have suffered with chronically cold hands to the point where my hands really hurt at times. I developed the habit of having to sit on my hands quite often to keep them warm. I bought the gloves and they have been so incredibly helpful. Once I put on the gloves, it does not take very long and I can feel how they are helping. Thank you for developing such a great product!


Sure, you can post my comment. Thanks for a great product!

Hello again Andrew,

I just received my  Gloves and wanted to let you know and to thank the person who expedited my order. This is the second pair of Prolotex Gloves I have owned.  I buy a new pair each year to save my fingers from hypothermia. Again, please thank the person who got the gloves to me today. They are really necessary for me to live a normal life.

Janice B.
To Whom May Concern

I just wanted to thank you all for such a great product. Your product really works unlike others with similar claims.
Thank you again from NY.
PS. I want to place another order, could you use my FEDEX account for overnight delivery?
Please let me know if it is possible .

Thanks in advance
Happy Holidays
Maria H. K.
Hi Andrew,

Thank you for letting me know the status of my order. It is good to know that the gloves I ordered are popular and I'm happy to hear that you are busy and doing good business during this holiday season. I would appreciate it if you could send me a quick email when you ship the gloves. It would be helpful to have some notice when they ship, so that I can anticipate the arrival date.

Thank you very much, Andrew.

Happy holidays!!!!
Richard G.

I VERY rarely make comments regarding my experiences with companies I deal with, but I have been so impressed with my experience here that I feel compelled. I had my first contact about a week ago after I got a diagnosis of Raynauds in my feet, which I have suffered with all winter. Going to the internet I found Prolotex, and the information I found was compelling. I ordered socks, which I did not expect to arrive for at least 10 business days. They arrived , to my delight, in just three business days. The first night I wore them I could feel a benefit. The second night was even better; my feet were feeling better than in at least six months. I am retired, and have a second home in a mountain setting, where I spend half of my time. I immediately knew I had to have these socks in both places. I had received a coupon for a $5.00 credit with my first order to apply on a future purchase. When I placed the order for my second pair of socks, I did not find a place in the "check-out" process to get the $5.00 credit. I was charged full price. There was an option on screen to make comments to the company, so I made a comment on this issue. The established on line response time for reply to comments was stated as "x#" of days (perhaps two weeks). I was floored when I had a reply in less than two hours, which acknowledged my comment and said I was being credited for the $5.00 on my credit card.
BOTTOM LINE OF my comment is that this company is more dedicated to customers, in every respect, than any that I have ever dealt with (or worked for). On top of that, my satisfaction with the product I purchased makes me encourage anyone having need for pain relief in extremities to strongly consider the wide range of their products for pain relief offered by PROLOTEX.
Kim F.  Canada

My Testimonial

My mom was diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome in the Fall of 2013 in her hands. This disease caused her blood vessels and small arteries in her hands to spasm and contract violently keeping her in constant pain during the day and all night. The doctor prescribed her 2 types of pain medication to help her with pain and sleep. We were aware that the slightest exposure to cold or emotional stress caused her to have an attack of severe pain. I felt helpless but did research on Raynaud's Syndrome. I discovered that infrared therapy gloves helped with circulation and pain so I ordered my mom a pair and they were delivered to her 2 days after Christmas 2013. My mom immediately put the gloves on and felt tingling almost immediately. I told her to be patient and give it the best shot she could by wearing the gloves day and night for one week. After just 4 days, my mom's life changed. No pain, fingers went back to a beautiful pink colour from pure white and her fingers warmed up. I talked to her this morning on the phone (exactly 37 days from the time she began wearing the gloves) and she has no pain and her hands are warm and still pink in colour. I am so impressed and feel like I want to promote this product to everyone I know that is experiencing poor blood circulation or Raynaud's disease. I am so happy for my mom. Thank you.
Testimonial: As for the gloves and socks.....they are the best things since sliced bread.
I have had Fibromyalgia and Raynauds Syndrome for many, many, many years and at last have found some comfort in my feet (no longer feel like I'm walking on stones)and the gloves have decreased the aching in my fingers and they are now warm instead of like blocks of ice. Congratulations on an excellent product.
Regards, John T.
Yvonne B. UK

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my socks. I live in the UK and ordered them on 22nd January and they arrived this morning. I am wearing them now and my feet feel very cosy and warm. I am hoping they will help my peripheral neuropathy and will keep you updated on my success with them.
Thanks again for the super-fast delivery!
I have found that these reduce my Reynaud attacks by as much as 90% and
almost all the numbness and tingling goes away and stays away if I sleep in them and use them durning the day when practical. When I do have an attack the intensity is greatly reduced and there is no longer pain. The gloves are comfy and wear like iron and when I don't have them on I miss them. Thank you. Candy



I wanted to let you know that my wife has been using her gloves for several weeks now and thinks they are amazing. Where her fingers would turn white before, they now stay pink with normal circulation. We'd go shopping before she got them, and it seemed that, if she even looked at anything cold, her fingers would turn white. With the Far infrared gloves, that no longer happens. It is a very dramatic difference.

She has recommended the gloves to other people, at least one of whom
ordered a pair from you and upon getting them, immediately noticed an

I can't say enough good things about the gloves. I've gotten her many pairs of gloves over the years, some well insulated, that she wouldn't wear because of the glove's "fat" fingers and the fact that her fingers turned white anyway. Your gloves are thin and fashionable, and keep her hands warm.
Thank you again, Steve Schmidt, Anchorage, Alaska

P.S. You are welcome to use my unsolicited comments if you wish.


I have had Raynaud's since childhood and at 46 years of age, has become so uncomfortable with daily activities I began searching the internet for remedies (not wanting to take medication). Being a runner it is quite difficult to find gloves/mittens to keep my hands warm on cold fall/winter runs.

I came across your website and initially did not intend to use the Prolotex Classy Fit gloves for running; however, because they are so thin and lightweight I began using them as liners under my mittens. WOW! What an amazing difference. I use them on every run and bring them with me everywhere I go. They are truly a miracle for me. I will be ordering several more pair.

To people who don't have Raynaud's they cannot understand what a true blessing it is not to suffer with numb painful fingers. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Yes, feel free to post this on your testimonial page. Once again, I love the product! Thank you.


Wonderful Product

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your gloves are. My sister bought a pair for me for my birthday, to try to ease my Raynaud's Disease symptoms. Not only have the gloves worked beyond expectations, but today I found out that I can use the touch pad on my laptop computer with the gloves on! Up until now I have been taking them off, getting cold hands, putting them back on. Now I just leave them on. I can type with them, and now can use the touch pad with them. Wonderful product!

Kathy G. Canada


Submit a Testimonial

Therapy gloves were my answer to sore hands and carpal tunnel symtoms especially while sleeping,instead of waking up at different times of the night with numb and sore hands due to pain I am able to get some rest.Being on my feet all day at work my knees were starting to cause me problems and knowing that the gloves helped me with my hands as soon as I found out that there were products for the knee I immediately placed an order,thanks so much for this great alternative to the healing process.
David L


To the makers of Prolotex FIR Gloves and Socks.

While ordering gloves in the best interest of my mother, diagnosed with Raynauds, and having already 2 fingers removed, I decided to order gloves and socks for myself. My hands instantly turn white and numb upon temperatures below 60 degrees if not protected from the elements. My feet barely stay warm in insulated boots with wool socks.

I wore the socks and gloves to bed for the first week before putting them to use during the day.

I can now wear dress shoes to the office without having frozen feet with the Prolotex socks. I am extremely impressed with their ability to keep my feet warm.

Last weekend I attended a football game, less than 40 degrees outside, only having my hands covered with the gloves, and stayed perfectly warm. Of course, I wore the socks too and never felt a chill.

I don't know how you did it, but these socks and gloves are incredible. I am truly amazed that my hands and feet stay warm. One must be pro-active and wear them BEFORE your hands start to get cold.

They are very well worth the $40 I spent for each product. I only wish I could afford a few more pairs of socks so I wouldn't have to wash them daily.

Thank you.

Pat A. Idaho


I received my order (socks) and am pleasantly surprised. They do exactly as you stated, my feet have never been so warm. Very good product.

Richard G. UK


I am wearing the right hand glove now and am feeling very protected.!

Thanks for your great service.

Gail G. Canada


When I can afford them I will buy another pair of black ladies. I had a pair of the special cheaper ones before and they have been great. I cannot believe the difference they make by almost killing the pain I have in my left hand caused by the pins and needles.
Thank you so much. Barbara


Terry O. Ireland


My 86 yr old Dad has peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and he finds that the socks give him some relief. Nothing else does. Thanks.
Dianne Parker - New Zealand


Thanks for the prompt reply and refund. You guys are awesome…totally great customer service.
Kerrie S. Canada


What I like about Prolotex Gloves

I'm doing homeopathy, infoceuticals, detoxicating diet but nothing helped me as much as the gloves for my aching fingers.
I wore them for three nights only and the difference is so obvious that I'd like to order a full body FIR suit...
I'll get a pair for my mom, too!

Thanks for being,
George K.


Customer Message (from facebook):
Allison Renee' J. i have raynauds but have had way fewer attacks (none indoors) since i got these socks...they make gloves too... there kind of expensive but they work....


Customer Message:
I am very happy with my raynaud's gloves, only wish you carried them in brown, beige and yellow. There is a real need for fashionable raynaud's gloves. Why don't you be the first to start! Dawn A.


Customer Message:
I went to the Doctor and they said I have Raynaud's Syndrome. Put me in a Splint for 2 weeks told me to take Aleve night and morning for 2 weeks  charged $136.50 went back in 2 weeks said if it got worse she would scheldule me for surgery charged another $75.00. 2 months later recieved a
bill for $36.45 for the splint. I ordered your gloves have worn them at night for 10 days and they have helped me sooooo much. I am going to order more of these gloves.
Thank you Carla


Having recently purchased, on separate occasions, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks my
Mother now wishes us to purchase a second pair of socks for her. Suffering from severe Reynauds
Disease she has found your product most helpful. Recently she had had to be admitted to hospital
with her fingers worryingly blackened. The hospital staff were extremely anxious about this, the
worse episode she has ever had. Therefore, after research by ourselves found your gloves, she has
been keen to try ghem. They have provided dramatic relief. She now wants a second pair of socks.

Thank you for your attention.

Elaine W.     Great Britain



thank you so much for all your time, effort, and energy in creating these gloves. they work!!!!!! my hands and feet{toes included} are so sensitive to the smallest change in weather. i have reynauds syndrome and lupus. also have tried everything with little sucess. these gloves work. it is nothing short of a miracle.

with warm wishes and deep gratitude. you guys are GREAT!


i would be honored. absolutely the manager has my permisson to post my words.

thank you, diane r.


"I just have to let you know what a difference your socks made. One evening I was a bit exuberant in doing some stretching and woke up the next morning with severe pains in the front of my ankles and down my shins. I could hardly walk down the stairs to get my new socks. I put them on and within about 20 - 30 min. was able to get around the house. The severe pain was reduced to a bearable ache and I was able to get through the day. I took them off in the evening and almost immediately the pain in the front of my ankles increased again. I can't tell you how your socks helped me. My only thing now is to have you guys make a longer sock that will cover my shins... up to the knee maybe like knee socks.
Thanks again for a great product."
S. Neuman


Thanks, these gloves really help my husbands' hands stay warm.
Deborah H.


We are in winter here 'down-under'-nothing like your Canadian cold but bad enough if you have Raynauds' disease! I am writing to thank you for your prompt delivery of the full finger Prolotex gloves - a revelation! After a week or two of night - time use my fingers are much more flexible and are staying pink and healthy longer. When they do go dead, I put on the gloves & they are back in the pink very quickly. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical but the gloves are a wonderful thing and I carry them at all times.Thank you again -( I am spreading the word to other cold fingered persons).
Regards from Meg J. W. Queensland, Australia.


I've been meaning to get back to you regarding Prolotex gloves. The gloves have been working very well for me. Within two weeks of wearing the Prolotex gloves, I have noticed significant changes in the blood circulation of my hands. My hands are much warmer on a consistent basis, and do not turn to "ice cold" when touching cold items. These gloves are truly amazing and I cannot believe how quick I have had positive results. I've been searching for a solution to my problem of cold hands, and I've finally found it. Ryan R. S.


Thank you for processing the refund so timely.  I ordered another pair of gloves in size Large and they are saving my hands from the cold this winter. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product for people with raynauds.

Dorothy R.

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