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Seniors who suffer with raynauds

 Who Gets Raynaud's 



Seniors with Raynaud's

Raynaud's and seniors are not a great mix. Seniors often feel the cold, have poor circulation and can suffer extreme discomfort if they get Raynaud's on top of all that.

Prolotex™ Far Infrared Gloves, Socks and other clothing items are very helpful in promoting circulation. As the circulation increases, the overall body temperature increases and you will feel warmer.

Prolotex™ Products are the perfect solution for Seniors not able to afford expensive prescriptions and medications.

Gloves we recommend for Raynaud's in the Hands:


Socks we recommend for easing the pain of Raynaud's in your Feet:

SLIM FIT Socks in Black - unisex

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SLIM FIT Socks in Dark Scarlett- unisex

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COMFORT FIT Socks in Black - unisex

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RELAXED FIT Socks in Black - unisex

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non slip far infrared raynauds gloves Free Shipping to USA and Canada NEW  SUPREMA FIT Far Infrared Gloves


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